Born out of a chance meeting and united by a shared calling to bring enlightenment to business leaders,
Shakti and Alan's partnership is a beautiful blend of wisdom, intellect, experience, and love.

Shakti Dudley

Based in Durango, Colorado for the past 30 years, Shakti offers a holistic approach to authentic, conscious leadership and life mastery. Her journey began with a background in psychology and special education, which paved the way for her deep immersion into personal transformational education. Over the years, she has embarked on a spiritual quest that took her around the world, studying with enlightened masters and delving into their traditions to uncover higher truths. She further enhanced her understanding through intensive studies with Toltec arts, allowing her to master the dynamics of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy in all aspects of life. Since 1996, she has been devoted to the teachings of the Ascended Masters, integrating their wisdom into her life and work, living in harmony with the Universal Laws of Love.

Her unique skills include the ability to discern the voice of the heart's spirit from the clamor of the mind. She maintains a deep connection with the divine presence that permeates all of existence, drawing daily inspiration from this source. Guided by a passion for transformation, she gently guides leaders to uncover their core values, discover their true purpose, and express their unique gifts in their personal lives, organizations, and the wider world.

She is deeply committed to supporting leaders who are willing to challenge their assumptions and explore the depths of their own effectiveness. Many individuals remain unaware of the barriers holding them back and the wellsprings of their own potential. By cultivating greater self-awareness and unveiling these blind spots, anyone can liberate themselves and others, embracing a new power in learning and leading while authentically reinventing themselves from within.



Alan Prushan

Alan's unique perspective on enlightenment sets him apart from other experts in his field. He recognizes that founders and trained CEOs have distinct approaches, with founders driven by intuition, imagination, and a vision for their creations. In contrast, traditional experts often focus on left-brained, logical thinking, neglecting the experiential learning necessary to tap into one's authentic self.

Success for Alan lies in the transformation of Enlightening Leaders participants, who become sherpas for future generations of leaders. By perpetuating the journey and sharing their experiences, Alan envisions a future where Enlightening Leaders will inspire and guide others, creating a lasting impact beyond their immediate sphere of influence.

Alan's journey towards enlightenment started early in life, influenced by the wisdom and kindness of his parents and maternal grandfather. His connection to spirituality deepened through music and song during his teen years. Eventually, coaching his youngest son in basketball awakened his authentic calling as a coach, expanding beyond sports to business and life coaching.  Alan's pursuit of enlightenment centers on being of service to others, standing for their greatness, and constantly walking the path toward higher levels of awareness and understanding.


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