Our definition of Enlightening is:
the action or state of being, attaining or having attained
spiritual knowledge, insight and wisdom.


Enlightening Leaders are:

•  Developing a strong muscle of faith and connection to spirit

•  Being humbled by healing and releasing the pain of their past

•  Recognizing that failures are spiritual tests, lessons, and initiations to awaken to a new level
    of consciousness in one's self and leadership

•  Attentive to all areas of their life being in harmony and balance

•  Looking and listen from the Universal Law “What is in the highest and best good for all concerned”
    to fulfill commitments to stakeholders

•  Leading from grace, forgiveness, mercy, and compassion

•  Ensuring the culture of the organization they are leading is aware that business and social issues
    are intertwined

•  Unifying the organization with the collective spirit of the people it serves


We live in a world that is in painful transformation — leaving behind fear, survival and domination. Yet, the traditional leadership paradigm is still focused on results and shareholder value.

We believe a spiritual awakening is emerging in every corner of our world. It is calling organizational leaders to reinvent and recontextualize the meaning and purpose of leadership and how we lead.

We observe an increasing demand for spirituality in peoples' personal and professional lives. We also see that the challenges currently facing families, organizations and humanity call for us to generate new ethics, work strategies and balance in our lives. Spirituality is awakening and demanding to be listened to as strongly as the more pragmatic or rational aspect of ourselves and our organizations. Spirit lives in our heart, it is the real and tangible essence of every human being, and as a result, every organization.

We believe a breakthrough in being human is the path to transform our current situations, by connecting with and integrating Spirit and living in accordance with Universal Laws. This is the new paradigm of leadership.

Enlightening Leaders is an exploration into the depths of the unknown within ourselves and in the world. Embracing this journey will catapult you into new possibilities in every corner of your life. This journey will embolden you to bridge the gap between business, leadership, and your vertical connection.


COVID was the catalyst for a great awakening worldwide: The Great Resignation. Employees and leaders are examining to what degree their work has meaning and purpose, and whether or not their work is having a positive impact in the world.

Employee engagement surveys reveal that over the last 20 years in the United States, only 26-36% of employees are engaged in their work. Globally the number falls to just 20%. This is an indictment of both leaders and employees and clearly shows something is dramatically missing.

Evidence of a spiritual awakening can be seen if you look deeper into the social, political and business issues illuminated in human consciousness.

We can see examples of these pressing issues driven by discontent, imbalance, injustice, and hurt:

  •  The Black Lives and Asian Lives matter movement
  •  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  •  Equal pay for women
  •  Diversity in the boardroom and “C-Suite”
  •  $15 hr minimum wage “a living wage”
  •  Environmental concerns / Global warming
  •  The “Me Too” Movement
  •  Mental Wellness
  •  LGBTQ+
  •  Where work gets done, home vs. office
  •  CEO’s being called to deal with social and political issues
  •  Growing divisiveness in America and the world
  •  The Russian invasion of Ukraine
  •  The rise of Christian Nationalism in the USA


These situations increase our awareness of inequity and the pain of separation which exists within each of us. What we have tolerated for decades is no longer tolerable.

The pandemic opened a way for us to connect to our human spirit in new ways. We invest so much time and energy learning about our world and how to make it and survive, but much less time learning about ourselves: who we are and what sources us. Being aware of our vertical connection helps us reflect and connect to our source in order to gain deeper knowledge about the purpose of our existence.

Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, enrichening the human journey, and it typically evokes a search for meaning in life. This conscious connection creates a deeper sense of purpose, aliveness, and interconnectedness. And always contains the call to be a different kind of leader: an Enlightening Leader.


The Journey