Being a business leader often demands that we divide ourselves;
that we treat our businesses and our souls as separate.
We invite you to see them as one and the same.


We are offering a 3-day Introductory Retreat
to immerse yourself in the experience and power
of the Enlightening Leaders Journey.

October 8-10, 2024

The entire Enlightening Leaders Journey is a
fifteen-month immersion into the Oneness of Spirit and Leadership
consisting of five retreats interspersed with coaching for your soul, launching in 2025.

Your guides, Shakti Dudley and Alan Prushan provide a supportive space for you to explore leadership as a spiritual practice. The 3-day introductory experience will take you into the quiet of nature where you will deepen your ability to listen to your higher self. In this oasis away from the noise, busyness, demands, and pressures, the invitation is to let go and reinvigorate your soul and leadership.

Intended Outcomes

  • Rest, relax, unburden, recover, restore, rejuvenate, and be inspired.
  • Connect to what the spirit of your heart is yearning for.
  • Strengthen your knowingness and intuition.
  • Elevate and strengthen your connection to your Source and empower your spiritual path.
  • Nurture and enhance your self worth and self love.
  • Recharge and reset your leadership for 2024.


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  Meet Alan & Shakti


Shakti Dudley
With over 45 years of dedicated commitment to human development, Shakti Dudley has established herself as a trusted Transformational Leadership Consultant, Intuitive Life Coach, and Spiritual Guide. At the heart of her life's work is the recognition of the divine presence that exists within each and every one of us. Drawing upon universal laws, she is called to help leaders tap into their innate divinity and embrace the fullness of their potential.

Alan Prushan
Alan is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in sales, management, leadership, and consulting. But he is so much more than that. He is truly a “business mystic"— blending experience, skills, and wisdom to disrupt the thinking and stir the souls of leaders.






Each immersive retreat will have a different flow, but the same intention: to go deep into the center of the heart and lead from there. Through the process of calming your nervous system, vulnerable conversations, and liberation of imagination, you will bond with each other and embrace your identity as an enlightening leader. The first Retreat will be in 2025.




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